Elon Musk think Starship rocket may explode on first orbital launch

Elon Musk predicting 50% chance of success 

SpaceX is prepping for the first orbital launch of Starship as soon as Monday, April 17. 

Starship is the cornerstone rocket for Elon Musk's Mars ambitions.

Musk estimated 50% odds of success and hinted the rocket could blow up on the first orbital attempt.

SpaceX received a launch license from the Federal Aviation Administration 

SpaceX tweeted that it was aiming to launch Starship as soon as Monday, April 17  

Musk has said that SpaceX is ready to launch 

"I think it's got, I don't know, hopefully about a 50% chance of reaching orbit," Musk said,  

If successful, the launch will prove the world's first fully reusable orbital rocket, setting the stage for SpaceX