Cybercriminals extort an Infosys executive in Bengaluru for Rs 3.7 crore.

An Infosys executive was extorted Rs 3.7 crore by cybercriminals posing as TRAI officials, CBI, and Mumbai police. They threatened to arrest him for money laundering and other crimes. The miscreants manipulated the executive by claiming there were criminal cases against him and forced him to transfer the money. The police have registered a case and will involve the CID due to the large amount lost. The officer advised people to report such calls or consult their lawyers before responding.

BENGALURU: Cybercriminals posing as representatives of the Mumbai police, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) extorted Rs 3.7 crore from a senior executive at Infosys, a prominent IT company. They threatened to put him under arrest on charges of money laundering and other offenses. The Whitefield executive informed the police that on November 21, he received a call from one of the miscreants informing him that he had a criminal case at the Vakola police station in Mumbai and that there was a money laundering case against the data of his Aadhaar card.

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