The first Indian comedian to receive an International Emmy Award is Vir Das.

After winning an International Emmy Award, Vir Das meets with the media while sitting calmly in his new, vacant office. Chuim Village, a quiet neighborhood in Bombay, is an old Portuguese home that has been converted into a workspace. He wants to return to acting and has huge hopes for his comedy group, Weirdass Comedy.

The stand-up comic discusses how he makes light of the “loud” love and abuse he consistently receives on social media since “all’s well that ends well” in this interview with

People have referred to Vir’s win of an International Emmy Award as a “personal victory,” according to messages and calls he has received. Vir appeared in Indian Express Adda with Jim and Shefali Shah a few days prior to receiving the prize.He continues by saying that he was there to support Shefali Shah and wasn’t anticipating the prize. “I am the sole comedy special (Vir Das: Landing), but this Argentine show, Derry Girls, is really popular. It is very expensive and involves hundreds of workers. Thus, it’s not like one actor vs another actor. Because of the way their system operates, statistically speaking, the likelihood of a tie occurring is low. There are thousands of submissions from each of the six or seven locations in the world, and these are then whittled down to the best jurors, who view all of the content from each region before casting their votes. Thus, Derry Girls and I are receiving the same amount.Vir has existed for about twenty years. He started out with stand-up comedy before switching to acting in Hindi movies. He went on to feature in movies like Delhi Belly (2011), Badmaash Company (2010), and Go Goa Gone (2013), among others. Having acted in eighteen movies, he is now prepared to return to the role.”Now we have a new office,” he continues, discussing his new workplace and his upcoming endeavors, which include co-directing and appearing in a feature film. This area will be used as a production site for my upcoming feature films, which I will be starring in, co-directing, and directing.

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